Connections as a Service (CaaS): A Beginner’s Guide

CaaS allows Life Science companies to access Entitech’s platform that joins two systems together.


Managing end-to-end integrations between systems is a heavy burden on Life Science companies. What if a service could remove unnecessary costs and stop the drain of systems management hours?

Entitech Solutions’ Connections as a Service (CaaS) platform easily moves data across systems, leveraging cloud-based services to reduce integration-related burdens for Life Science companies.

What is Connections as a Service (CaaS)?

Software as a Service (SaaS) enables companies to quickly enable software online leveraging cloud computing services.

Entitech offers companies a service similar to SaaS for systems integration. CaaS allows companies to access our platform that joins two systems together.

Leveraging CaaS for Clinical Trial Systems

Clinical trial management is a prime example of a space in which Life Science companies can leverage CaaS, by connecting a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) to an Electronic Data Capture (EDC).

A CTMS serves as a single, centralized, web-enterprise resource for project management including managing documents, payments, and analytics of the clinical trial. An EDC is a complementary system that stores patient data relevant to a given trial.

By connecting a CTMS and EDC through CaaS, clinical trial managers can reduce dual data entry and focus more on the clinical trial and less on systems management.

Why CaaS?

Entitech’s CaaS integration offers several key benefits. Among them:

  • Reduced operations burden.
    When managed in-house, integrations similar to CaaS require a major effort to build and maintain. Complex integrations are costly, regardless of company size. Entitech’s solution is fit to scale and reduces overhead costs and resource burdens.
  • Compatibility with most EDC systems.
    CaaS works with several industry-standard EDCs. Have an EDC that doesn’t support direct data integration through APIs? As the creator of CaaS, we can provide a custom solution that works for you.
  • Entitech knows Life Science companies.
    We understand Life Science companies’ technology needs, hurdles, and regulatory requirements. We build solutions that let you focus on what you do best.
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How Entitech Can Help

Our CaaS solution not only helps clients share data between clinical trial sites, but in some cases improves latency from two weeks to near-real time.

Learn how we can help you. Request a consultation today.