Entitech Solutions and MuleSoft Announce Partnership Supporting Clinical Business Process Integration For Life Sciences


Entitech Solutions and MuleSoft Join Forces to Revolutionize Integration Services

OCTOBER 23, 2023 — Entitech Solutions, a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions for Life Science, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with MuleSoft, the renowned leader in integration and API management.

This partnership is set to usher in a new era of innovation in the world of digital transformation. By combining Entitech Solutions’ expertise in delivering transformative technology solutions with MuleSoft’s unrivaled integration capabilities, we aim to help businesses achieve seamless connectivity, unlock data, and accelerate their digital journeys.

Clinical drug development, clinical study/investigator management, and clinical data management all involve tedious and time-consuming work.  Disparate business processes and systems lead to repetitive and exhaustive manual work in an attempt to deliver business intelligence for decision making.  Business process automation through systems integration breaks down those siloes and offers significant gains in speed and efficiency while ensuring data accuracy and quality to support clinical development end-to-end processes. This leads to the ultimate benefits for drug development teams – consistency and speed in clinical trial operations.

Key Highlights of the Partnership

  • Comprehensive Integration Solutions: This partnership will provide clients with access to a wide range of integration solutions, enabling them to connect applications, data, and devices across their organization effortlessly.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Clients can expect improved operational efficiency and increased productivity through streamlined processes and data accessibility.
  • Scalable and Future-Ready: The joint offerings of Entitech Solutions and MuleSoft are designed to be scalable and adaptable, ensuring that businesses are future-ready and can meet the challenges of an ever-evolving digital landscape.
  • Dedicated Support: Clients will benefit from the exceptional support and expertise of both companies, ensuring the successful implementation of integration solutions tailored to their unique needs.


This partnership with MuleSoft is an exciting development for Entitech Solutions. We are now equipped to provide our clients with state-of-the-art integration solutions that will help them thrive in the digital age. Together, we will redefine what’s possible in the world of technology in Life Science.”

With this partnership, Entitech Solutions and MuleSoft look forward to embarking on a journey that will transform the way businesses operate in an increasingly interconnected world.

For more information about our offerings, please visit www.entitechsolutions.com/solutions.

About Entitech Solutions: Entitech Solutions is a leading Life Science technology solutions provider dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complexities of the digital world. Our innovative services and commitment to excellence have made us a trusted partner for organizations seeking transformative solutions.

About MuleSoft: MuleSoft provides a flexible, unified integration platform that enables organizations to easily build application networks. With an API-led approach, MuleSoft simplifies the connection of applications, data, and devices, enabling businesses to increase the speed of their digital initiatives.