Connections as a Service: CTMS to EDC

Connections as a Service (CaaS) eliminates the need to manually import patient records, subject visit dates, and other data that repeats in the two systems.


Connections as a Service (CaaS) is Entitech Solutions’ pipeline that moves data between systems. CaaS connections are fully managed and hosted in the cloud thereby reducing cost to both build and maintain these integrations.

Managing Clinical Trial Data

Life Science companies can reap the benefits of CaaS by leveraging one of its most effective integrations during clinical trial operations.

Many Life Sciences organizations (CROs, Pharma, Biotech, etc.)  use disconnected software applications for clinical trial operations. Two of the most critical arethe Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) and the  Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system. 

CTMS to EDC is a prominent integration that, when implemented, can greatly enhance clinical trial operations and boost productivity.

CTMS, EDC, and the Impact of CaaS

EDC software allows clinicians to collect patient data in a clinical trial. EDCs typically focus on data collection, monitoring, and reporting on data in the database collected from clinical trial sites.

CTMS is software that focuses on the operational side — site selection, trial participation recruitment, contact management, finance, and regulatory tracking. While CTMS helps with the clinical trial, it does not focus on data collection. However some of the main functions of a CTMS such as issue tracking, enrollment tracking, and triggering investigator payments rely on the data captured in the EDC. Without this integration either data must be manually copied in using a “swivel chair” approach or the features are simply not leveraged properly.

Entitech’s CaaS integration between CTMS and EDC eliminates  the need to manually import patient records, subject visit dates, and other data that repeats in the two systems. This ensures data integrity and benefits overall productivity.

Challenges of CTMS-to-EDC Integrations

Lack of domain or system knowledge can cause chaos when attempting a CTMS-to-EDC integration. Whether Life Science customers attempting the integration on their own or using inexperienced vendors are exposing themselves to mistakes related to API calls, scalability, and technology—potentially delaying the project by months.

It can be difficult to find IT companies or experts who know these systems and the specific regulatory challenges Life Science companies face.

How Entitech Overcomes the Challenges

Entitech made the hard parts of CaaS easy because we understand how your CTMS and EDC systems work. We know the pitfalls that can occur and have the experience to overcome barriers to CaaS success.

Our integration experience helped us create CaaS’s extremely flexible integration architecture, which can leverage any existing data warehouse or business-to-business (B2B) integration capability.

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